London LZ18

London LZ18

London LZ18

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natural look,
Everyday wear.
starts shorter from the inner corners and longer towards the ends for a beautiful cat eye shaped lash.

* 1 Magnetic Eyeliner
* 2 pairs of stripe lashes , length can be trimmable
* Comes with a mirror and tweezers
* Up to 20 uses, depending on care
* Nickel-free

Our Magnetic Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, latex-free, and magnetic! It glides on smooth and stays on. Magnetic Eyeliner doesn't move unless you take it off! There's no running, fading or flaking.

1- Shake the magnetic eyeliner bottle before every use
2- Apply an even coat of eyeliner
3- Wait for 25-50 seconds until eyeliner is dry
4- Attach the eyelash and give it a slight push for a strong hold.
5- Done!

Easily take off magnetic liner and other makeup with your favorite Makeup Remover.

Care instructions:
To clean the magnets, simply scrap off any remaining eyeliner residue (if any) with clean finger nails and return the lashes back into the magnetic mirror case.

Magnetic products should not be worn in or near an MRI machine.
Gluten-free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free
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